First Blog Post Ever – The Best Eyeliner for the Perfect Wing

Hello Loves,

Today is an historic day, it’s my first blog post! I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite some time now so I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t really sure what to focus on specifically, I have so many interests: animals, fashion and beauty, music, pop culture, books, dating, movies, food, traveling, the list goes on and on. So I’m just going to talk about things I love, and what’s going on with me, and who knows what else will come out along the way.  So here goes…

A few days ago I was at a furniture store and just as I was about to leave, the sales lady came barreling after me calling out “wait! wait!”. I waited with bated breath for her revelation. Was it a couch emergency? Toilet paper on my shoe? It turns out, she needed to know how I did my eyeliner. I’m sure many of you makeup lovers out there understand the plight. I’ve done this before myself. I’ve also scoured google and endless YouTube makeup tutorials trying to find out how someone got a look, testing products till the cows come home. You would be surprised how many times someone will tease you into thinking you’re going to find out exactly what to do to achieve a look, only they don’t actually give you the precise information, or they leave it incomplete. So frustrating! I have no problem sharing any of my favorites, secrets (beauty that is), or tricks with anyone who wants to know. I often get asked about makeup and when I do, best believe I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I’m wearing down to the color name or number honey, I get it, I’ve been there!

Now I’ve done every kind of eyeliner on earth, but I always go back to the ol’ favorite; the Cat Eye. Lord knows there are endless suggestions and tips and products out there to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner and I’m sure a lot of them work great. But what’s been working best for me lately is a gel eyeliner, with the perfect angle brush.


The eyeliner: My favorite is MAC fluidline in the color “blacktrack”. A cheaper alternative: bh cosmetics gel eyeliner in the color “onyx”. In this case, most black gel liners are quite similar so probably any one will do, but these have worked best for me.

The brush: the real key to a wondrous wing is the brush, and I’ve tried a plethora. My hands-down favorite is the Smashbox arced eyeliner brush #21. It rocks my world.

And there you have it folks, mystery solved. No one is paying me to advertise these products, there’s nothing in it for me other than to hopefully help someone who is looking for a good product. This is based on my personal experience and nothing else. For full disclosure, I have been sent products by MAC before to wear on stage, but I was loving them long before that and I will love them long after. I buy most of my makeup from MAC, save a few things.

I hope this was enjoyable and informative. Happy lining!

Love, love, kiss, kiss,

arced eyeliner

Mac fluidline



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